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Different Varieties and Types of Bingo

Bingo is a game based on luck and chances and just like any other gambling game involves winning and losses. Earlier bingo used to be played in the bingo halls but now with the coming of the internet, the popularity of the online bingo games is fast increasing. There are two major types of bingo games – the American version and the European version.

The American version is also known as the 75 ball bingo. In this game there are a total of 75 numbers which are divided into 5 groups with 15 numbers in each. The 5 groups are B, I, N, G and O; B consist of the numbers from 1 to 15, I from 16 to 30 and so on. In this version, the bingo cards are square and have 5 spaces horizontally and 5 spaces vertically, thus a total of 25 spaces. The middle space is “FREE’ and thus it is marked by all the players while the other spaces are marked according to the layout given.

The players have to full up the spaces so as to complete a pattern that is shown at the beginning of the game. There are large numbers of patterns that can be used; some of the most common patterns are ‘4 corners’, ‘X pattern’ and the ‘coverall’ or the ‘blackout’ where all the spaces have to be marked in a card.

In an online game a random number generator selects the numbers. Because of the computerized selection, fairness and randomness can be ensured. These numbers are then displayed on the screen and the players have to mark them out. In most of the online games there is ‘auto daubing’ which mean that the computer marks out the numbers itself as the numbers are shown. More the number of cards the players play with, the chances of winning increases.

The European bingo or the 90 ball bingo is a little different. In this version the cards are called bingo tickets and there are 90 numbers instead of 75. There are 3 rows with 5 numbers in each and 9 columns. Moreover in this version there is more than one winner in every game – the person who can get one full line across marked first is the winner and the player who can mark two full lines across comes second.

Apart from these two versions the online sites in order to give something new to the customers add different features and bring out newer versions of the game from time to time.

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